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Welcome to Clandestine Airsoft


Hunterseeker Armory barrels are currently being restocked. Unlike previous releases, where barrels were restocked and sold out quickly, these will be done in a rolling release over the next 1-2 months, releasing some barrels every few days.


Everything is back up and running and all orders have been caught up and are now shipping on time. Now that the move is complete, restocking of various brands will start soon.


Clandestine Airsoft will be moving at the end of March, because of this there will be a period of time where no orders can be shipped. Monday the 28th will be the last day anything ships out so orders placed after 8am on that morning won’t be shipped out for probably two weeks depending how smoothly things go. During the break there will also be a sitewide discount of 5%.


Rocket motors are now in stock, they are from the same OEM as SHS. More Enhanced R-hopped barrels will arrive on Wed.


ZCI parts are coming back in stock now along with Rocket brand parts which share the same OEMs as SHS for most of their product line. HSA Enhanced cut R-hop barrels are in installation but will still be awhile due to the holidays and the long install time.


The second batch of new enhanced cut R-hopped barrels are just coming in now, half the batch is in stock and the rest will be here shortly. These new custom machined enhanced cut barrels were developed by HS5 and myself to optimize R-hop performance for overall consistency and accuracy.

There are also some ferrite motors and neo cans being sold at a steep discount. They are great for building high torque motors when combined or the cans can be used to build frankentorque motors with stock armatures.

Also there is now a Clandestine subreddit! /r/clandestineairsoft/