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Shipping & Returns

- Orders shipped USPS are shipped within 3 days, but normally the next morning.
- Items under 13 oz are shipped Monday - Saturday
- Items over 13 oz are shipped Monday - Friday

International shipping
- Unfortunately I'm unable to use USPS First Class international so Priority is the only option, however there is by weight priority and flat rate
- Flat rate is normally cheaper and as it's name implies there is no added cost for added weight, however this means that the items must fit in the box (8 5/8'' x 5 3/8'' x 1 5/8'' for a small box), If they do not fit by choosing flat rate shipping you automatically give me permission to remove the product's packaging to try to make the items fit. If the items still don't fit I'll contact you (only happened once)
- There is no tracking for international orders past "acceptance" since once the items leave the country the tracking no longer functions in foreign countries.
- International order can sometimes take a very long time to arrive, they often get held up in customs or backlogged on air flights.

- In addition some items can't be shipped Internationally due to customs risks, currently these items would be any type of magazine. The risk of customs mistaking these for real firearm magazines is too high to risk shipping them. If you absolutly need them they can be shipped FedEx (which will get it through customs if there is an issue) but it is significantly more expensive.

- Due to the unpredictability of ACM products no express warranty is given on any products unless stated in the description, however if there is a problem please contact me and I'll do what I can.
- Some more high end items (like HS5 products and Siegetek) have warranties from the manufacturer (that have almost never needed to be used due to the almost non-existent failures) and if the problem can't be resolved with them I'll cover any problems.

- Returns made after 30 days are conditional and will be evaluated by occurrence
- If item is still in packaging and unused buyer pays shipping and receives a full refund (no restocking fee)
- Returns of used items are evaluated by occurrence
- For any returns that have other complications like the parts have been installed, are faulty or have some other issue please email me using the contact form.